Global Blake
January 17, 2022
Global Blake: Harriet Stubbs
Harriet Stubbs in conversation with Jason Whittaker and Sibylle Erle regarding her album, Heaven and Hell: Doors of Perception.
Global Blake: Tanja Bakic
Tanja Bakic examines the ways in which deliberate choices in translation show how interpretive communities can react to Blake's poetry.
Global Blake: Eliza Borkowska
Eliza Borkowska outlines a new project to translate the works of William Blake into Polish, and looks at previous translations made of his poetry.
Global Blake: Mei-Ying Sung
Mei-Ying Sung discusses the contrasts between Orc and a similar mythological & religious character Nezha in Chinese and Taiwanese culture.
Global Blake: Masashi Suzuki
In this presentation, Masashi Suzuki discusses the translations of Emanuel Swedenborg by D. T. Suzuki.
Global Blake: Steve Clark
Blake's Asia is one of the most under-discussed of his prophetic works. In this presentation, Steve Clark reads it as a satire on the nabobs of the East India Company.