Global Blake
Jason Whittaker
Global Blake: In Conversation with Vera Serdechnaia
Mental Fight - Blake in Russia: Vera Serdechnaya in conversation
Global Blake: In Conversation with Tanja Bakić
The only two European schools of Graveyard poetry existed in England and in Serbia. Tanja Bakić explores the relations between the two via the work of William Blake.
Global Blake keynote: Linda Freedman
Linda Freedman presents on Blake, Robert Duncan and the Politics of Writing from Myth at the Global Blake Conference
Global Blake keynote: Stephen F. Eisenman
Stephen F. Eisenman presents a wide-ranging discussion of Blake's attitudes to slavery and abolitionism.
Global Blake keynote: Mike Goode
Mike Goode's presentation from the Global Blake conference considers the role that fragmented texts take on in a world of information exchange.
Global Blake: Harriet Stubbs
Harriet Stubbs in conversation with Jason Whittaker and Sibylle Erle regarding her album, Heaven and Hell: Doors of Perception.
Global Blake: David Worrall
David Worrall explores how developments in neuroscience may help us understand Blake’s visions as ectoptic experiences.
Global Blake: Alexander Abichou
Alexander Abichou considers ways in which the mysticism of Ibn Arabi may illuminate our understanding of William Blake.
Global Blake: Jodie Marley
Jodie Marley considers the various ways in which William and Georgina Yeats made use of Blake’s mysticism in A Vision.
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