Global Blake
Global Blake Conference Recordings
Global Blake keynote: Linda Freedman
Linda Freedman presents on Blake, Robert Duncan and the Politics of Writing from Myth at the Global Blake Conference
Global Blake keynote: Stephen F. Eisenman
Stephen F. Eisenman presents a wide-ranging discussion of Blake's attitudes to slavery and abolitionism.
Global Blake keynote: Mike Goode
Mike Goode's presentation from the Global Blake conference considers the role that fragmented texts take on in a world of information exchange.
Global Blake: Harriet Stubbs
Harriet Stubbs in conversation with Jason Whittaker and Sibylle Erle regarding her album, Heaven and Hell: Doors of Perception.
Global Blake: David Worrall
David Worrall explores how developments in neuroscience may help us understand Blake’s visions as ectoptic experiences.
Global Blake: Alexander Abichou
Alexander Abichou considers ways in which the mysticism of Ibn Arabi may illuminate our understanding of William Blake.
Global Blake: Jodie Marley
Jodie Marley considers the various ways in which William and Georgina Yeats made use of Blake’s mysticism in A Vision.
Global Blake: Clare Broome Saunders
Clare Broome Saunders explores how Blake influenced Phoebe Traquair’s illustrations to Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese,
Global Blake: Colin Trodd
This paper notes how commentators used notions of citizenship and hospitality to understand Blake during the period 1910-1930.
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