Global Blake

Conference Programme

9.30: Welcome

Conference organisers: Sibylle Erle and Jason Whittaker

10.00am: Keynote

Linda Freedman

"Figures of Fire and Blood Raging": Blake, Duncan and the Politics of Writing from Myth

Chair: Jason Whittaker

11.00: Break
11.30: Panel A - Visionary Blake

David Worrall

Neural Blake: Blake's 'Visions' as Universal Entropic Phenomena

Alexander Abichou

Textual Spirituality and Analogical Imagination: A transhistorical investigation of William Blake and Ibn Arabi’s mysticism

Jodie Marley

What the Yeatses Partly Learned: A Vision, the Illuminated Books, and Spiritual Collaboration

Chair: Luke Walker

12.30: Lunch
13.30: Panel B - Blake and Britain

Clare Broome Saunders

“Wild glances of the poetical faculty”: Blake’s afterlives in illustrations for EBB's Sonnets

Colin Trodd

William Blake and The Spiritual Forms of Citizenship and Hospitality

Chair: Jason Whittaker

14.30: Break
15.00: Panel C - Blake and Translation

Ramazan Saral

Lost in Translation: The Problem of Translating Blake into Turkish

Juliana Steil

Blake in Brazil: Translations

Tanja Bakic

Example from a Serbian Blog: From A Poison Tree to A Poison Fruit, or Producing Literary Meanings

Eliza Borkowska

Polish Blake: „William Blake: Dzieła zebrane (wydanie krytyczne)”

Chair: Ines Tebourski

16.30: Break
17.00: Keynote

Stephen F. Eisenman

Blake and Abolitionism

Chair: Jason Whittaker

18.00: Break
19.00: Q&A with Harriet Stubbs

This will be a Q&A session with Harriet, along with selections from her performances, including those from her album Heaven and Hell: The Doors of Perception.

Chair: Jason Whittaker

10.00: Panel D - Blake and Asia

Mei-Ying Sung

Blake’s Orc & the Taiwanese Deity Nezha

Masashi Suzuki

Swedenborgian “Science of Correspondences”:  William Blake and D. T. Suzuki

Steve Clark

Blake’s Asia, Asia’s Blake

Chair: Steve Clark

11.00: Break
11.30: Panel E - Blake and Place

Caroline Anjali Ritchie

Local Blake: London-based small presses, urban topography, and the afterlives of Golgonooza

Silvia Riccardi

 “A pure linear undulation”  Blakean Inflections in Stile Liberty

Eugenie Freed

Blake in Nieu Bethesda

Chair: Sibylle Erle

12.30: Lunch
13.30: Panel F - Incarnations of Blake in Culture

Camille Adnot

“Blake le Voyant:” The lasting impact of the French Surrealists’ reading of Blake

Marta Fabi

“You are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind”. Tracking down William Blake’s wor(l)ds into The Matrix.

Susanne Sklar

Blake's Global Vision

Chair: Ramazan Saral

14.30: Break
15.00: Panel G - Blake and Music

Zhongxing Zeng

A Song Adaptation of “The Ecchoing Green”

Ines Tebourski

Poetry/Image/Music: Multimodal Inscriptions on William Blake's London

Camila Oliviera

Global Blake: Afterlives in Musical Settings

Christoph Reinfandt

Musical Settings of Blake: Implications of Genre

Chair: Jason Whittaker

16.30: Break
16.45: Panel H - Blake, Visions and Science

Mark Lussier

Blake at the Event Horizon: Strange Attractors, Visionary Physics, and Quantum Consciousness

Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa

Visual Blake in Brazil: In Memoriam Donald Ault

Chair: Annalisa Volpone

17.30: Break
18.00: Keynote

Mike Goode

Viral Blake

Chair: Sibylle Erle

19.00: Break
20.00: Film presentation

A presentation of the film, Finding Blake and Q&A with the director, James Murray-White.

Chair: Jason Whittaker

10.00: Keynote

Luisa Calè

The Mental Traveller, Italy 1977: Corrado Costa’s revolutionary psychoerotic comic strip William Blake in Beulah

Chair: Sibylle Erle

11.00: Break
11.30: Panel I - Blake and Nationalism

Vera Serdechnaia

Crying, singing and directing on Blake in Russia (2017-2020)

Tatiana Tiutvionova

 A Harmony of Form and Idea: Illustrations by the Modern Russian Artists to Blake’s Poetry

Cecilia Marchetto

William Blake in Galician Literature and Art

Chair: Sibylle Erle

12.30: Lunch
13.30: Panel J - Blake and Psychedelic Romanticism

Luke Walker

 ‘Visions! omens! hallucinations! miracles! ecstasies!’: Allen Ginsberg’s Retellings of His ‘Blake Vision’

Franca Bellarsi

From Blake to Buddha, Biology, and Beyond: the Renewal of ‘Prophetic Labour’ amidst the Beats and Affiliates

Tom Nisse

Le film canoë – Dead man de Jim Jarmusch

Chair: Cecilia Marchetto

14.30: Break
15.00: Panel K - Blake and America

Jonathan Gross

Blake’s influence on Orozco: Prophecy, Mexican Murals, and NYC Graffiti

Annalisa Volpone

“Along red network of his veins/what fires run, what craving wakes?”: Plath (re)verses Blake.

Elizabeth Effinger

Queer Family Resemblances: Between Joel-Peter Witkin and William Blake

Chair: Luke Walker

16.00: Break
16.30: Panel L - Blake and Counterculture

David Smith

“When I see his work, my soul is taken to a world of stars”: Blake as an Influence on Manga

Suellen Cordovil da Silva

William Blake, A Ghost of a Flea and Visions of the Daughters of Albion in From Hell

Adriano Ercolani

The Influence of William Blake on Pop Culture

Chair: Linda Freedman

17.30: Break
18.00: Round Table and Conference Conclusion

An open discussion of William Blake's global reception led by the conference organisers and keynote speakers.

Chairs: Sibylle Erle and Jason Whittaker

All times are GMT - Dublin Edinburgh Lisbon London.